Ep.4 Two Complete Strangers Dealing With Similar Issues

You’ve heard about DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. That’s the program that gave protected status to half a million young immigrants who came here illegally as children. My passenger Miguel is one of them. “You belong to two worlds. When I am out and about I feel I have to be extra American […]

Ep.3 The Life Of An Angel

It is a difficult task to dissect the relationships in any given family, yet there are some red flags when supposedly someone has to intervene, and has to help. Here’s Angel. He’s nineteen. He’s a cook at a restaurant. “The first time I saw my dad do something in my eyes horrific was when I […]

Ep.2 Mother and Daughter Learning To Live With An Untreatable Condition

Drive with Gwen was short one. She was in a hurry to get on a plane that was supposed to leave soon and I tried to get her to the airport as fast as I could. ¬†Somehow we switched the subject to her daughter, Laswen. “…and she did. She had plans, she knew what she […]