Awkward dates! How many one should go through to find a good fit for herself? A million dollar question, right?

“Hello, how is it going?”

My rider Ashley got on with her career and went pretty far for her young age.

“I think I look good. Some people described me as absolutely beautiful. Oh, you’re just too much, too much!”

She’s naturopathic medical doctor and sometimes what she does really gets on the way when it comes to dating.

“It is intimidating for them and I try not to come off as intimidating. It’s just what I do is intimidating.”

Here’s her story…

“I got approached by a lot of guys that think they know what kind of woman I am but when I tell them I am a doctor they think I am a Type A, kinda hard-ass girl. I’m like no, I’m a goofiest, silliest person you can come around. I feel like a lot of guys are trying to overcompensate for showing that they are worthy of my time. I know you’re worthy of my time.

“But then I get these weird encounters. One guy asked me for a date, but he was one of those people that were asking for money at this Starbucks patio. He asked me if I had any change, I said I’m sorry, and I’m thinking, this is odd…

“Oh, another fun one. I went on a date with this guy and he wanted to impress me because I think I talked about how much I love food and he ordered this blackened fish at the restaurant. He started sweating profusely during this lovely meal. He turned red in the face. He had to take napkin and wipe his forehead several times. He sweated through his shirt yet he’s trying to keep calm and collective. You know what? You can stop eating fish anytime. You don’t have to eat complete meal.

“I get first dates, see how the second date goes. Second date – wow, wow! Let’s get the third one. My thing is if it’s your idea to go on a date I expect you to pay. If it’s my idea then I’m going to pay. I brought up this standard to one guy but he took that as me using him for dates as well as using him for his money and he called me a ‘professional,’ like I’m a professional escort or something like that. So that pissed me off of course. I’m thinking, it’s a lice of pizza for one and it costs like two, three dollars and soda is another dollar. You don’t have four-five bucks for a date? What’s that? And then, two, sure, call me a professional, you couldn’t afford me because my price is obviously is out of your pay. So yeah.

“I’m just looking for the one true love I guess. I’m like a romantic, a hopeless romantic it seems like. I’d love somebody to sweep me off my feet that whole deal. Is it a reality? I don’t know, doesn’t occur yet. So I’ll just see. If it happens – awesome. If it doesn’t I’ll just keep dating and see what’s out there. Hopefully someone is there to tell me: ‘You know what? I really want to do that. Can I try to sweep you off your feet? Is it possible? How can I do it? Give me some hints.’ Okay, here you go, here’s A, B, and C.

My running joke with friends and family is, hey, if they can pass not just a background check but also psychic test and a DNA profile and deal with me – yeah! We should be on point.

“Thanks for the ride, I really do appreciate it.”

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