Ep.12 Finding Support System, Building Them For Others

AJ works in behavioral health industry and teaches kids how to provide tools for themselves; tools that might not be immediately available. “Sometimes I feel like I’m the most adaptable man on a planet,” AJ says. He often reflects on personal experience, on support system he had to build for himself at the age of […]

Ep.11 Khalid el-Hakim, Black History 101 Mobile Museum

Sometimes I get to drive people that are well-known for the work they do. So is this passenger, Khalid el-Hakim who runs theBlack History 101 Mobile Museum. “These artifacts are evidence of bad things that have happened,” Khalid says. “But some artifacts are proof of our resiliency in the face of this ugliness.” Khalid has […]

Ep.10 Long Way To Achieve Dreams, Inspire Others

Wendy Haro represents a small pool of Latinas in software¬†engineering industry. Her path wasn’t straight and wide one, rather she had to create one for herself. Raised in South Central LA by immigrant parents, living through LA Riots, dealing with the turmoil at home and in the neighborhood, Wendy says she’d never thought about her […]